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Hiya lovely people, 


I love travelling, like love love love it! I love exploring different cultures, seeing how people live in different areas and meeting new people from that place. Eating new food, although I have a sensitive tummy, and learning about their way of live is knowledge that will be cherished forever. I've got a lot of stories to tell from my travels to some countries in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. There is something exciting about being in a new environment and not knowing which journeys and excitement lies ahead of you. 


One of my most memorable journeys and places that I have been to is Indonesia. Not only were the people there so freaking nice and warm, their food was so delicious and the scenery and the country itself was beautiful. The highlight of that trip was that we met this amazing guide who rescued us in the rain. We had just left our accommodation and were looking for a place to go eat when a pretty bad rainstorm hit us out of nowhere. This random taxi stopped in front of us and yelled "get in before you disappear in the rain";  and so we got in because he didn't have to tell me that twice. Getting in the taxi with this man was the best decision we had ever made because he turned out to be best guide ever. Not only did this man wear t-shirts with different intimate positions to have intercourse, he was hands down the funniest man alive. From that moment on he brought us to the most beautiful and exciting places the country has to offer and one of them was a zipline course in the jungle..... 


Now jungles and I aren't the best of friends at all (got lost once, fainted and fell into a river :) Not only am I absolutely petrified of bugs, I don't always do well with the humid weather either. Our guide told us that there was this amazing zipline course in the jungle up north and we had all decided to go there. After a 3-4 hour drive, we finally arrived and got stripped into our ziplining gear. It wasn't a cutesy course like the ones for kids, no this one was God knows how high in the middle of the jungle. After the safety briefing and the instructions, we were told to choose whatever course we wanted and that there were people posted to help if necessary. Our guide didn't want to do it with us because he claimed himself to be "lazy and too old for that crap". My sister and I can get quite competitive and she challenged me to start with the blue or black course first; the hardest ones. I did not back down and went on the black course whilst she went on the blue course. Everything was going alright, a bit wobbly and scared but everything was fine until I reached this stupid bridge. This bridge was so high off the ground and I had to cross it, but the wooden pieces were really spread out and I am not that big or tall (I am 5'3). I tried to jump instead of walk like a normal human being and fell with one leg in between the pieces of wood on the bridge. I had managed to cut open my sweats and bruise my entire leg; it freaking hurt so bad. I don't know how I fell but I did and I was stuck for a couple of seconds and couldn't get up. The worst thing was that there was nobody else on this course but me and I didn't see anyone around to help. Me still being stuck and crying because my entire leg was hurting so much I cried and cried and cried; pretty sure that the ghosts of the jungle heard me and not anyone else. The courses were spread out and there was a small chance that someone would hear me if they weren't nearby. After my crying session; I managed to get out and limp off the bridge and somehow, miraculously, managed to finish that stupid course. As soon as I got down I freaking plopped on the ground and tried to look for my sister or the guide we were with. Knowing that someone wasn't going to help me, I had to limp back to the front of the jungle where the reception hut was to get some ice and gel for my leg that was all bruised and cut. 


Now of course, your girl got lost :) With all the pain and crying and yadi yada, I was not really paying attention to the way and didn't really know where I was. I stopped to sit by a tree to rest my leg when all of a sudden I heard the guide yell  "We f@cking found her" and came running to me whilst he was holding a camera and his phone and he looked so mad. He told me that my family and him had been looking for me all over the place and when they couldnt find me they panicked. This man saw my leg and panicked further and started cussing in his native language and told me he would rescue me. The legend himself carried me whilst telling me how dumb dumb I was for going on that hard course alone. Everything was all well when we got some treatment for the wounds and cuts on my leg after a good scolding from my rescuer. 


This man carried me on his back to the front to help me; what a legend. That trip turned out to be the most memorable because of him. Let's forget about the monkeys stealing his sunglasses and then us trying to get them back or getting lost in his broken down car more times than I can count. This man not only taught us how to catch squirrels because some people eat them over there, he also brought us to the top of the mountains to have instant noodles. This man would showed us how to get fresh fruits from the trees with a stick. He taught us how to dance and really "shake our bum in the air". He taught us how to laugh and how to live life to fullest. He showed me what kindness is and how people care there for one another. He showed me what family and happiness means to him and what the meaning of love is. 


This is why I love to travel!  Apart from my many many clumsy instances, you get to meet wonderful people who give you new perspective and who show you a different meaning and side of life. 


What does travelling mean to you? What are your most memorable stories? What is your favorite place that you have been to and why? 


Thank you all for reading and I hope some of you share your amazing stories on here! 








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Guest Hero_Yuri

This was honestly a nice read. Bubbles has indeed been on some adventures :D glad you are still alive and good.

only memorable moment when traveling was going to videogame competitions and competing of course. Other then that, no favorite place or anything noticable tbh.

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Guest Teasing Tink

That was quite the adventure!


I don't really have any amazing stories to follow up, just personal stuff, I guess. I love exploring new places but I wouldn't say traveling is a passion of mine. I guess I'm more of an inward traveler.


That being said, I have moved a fair amount (not out of country) thus far. The only two countries I've been to have been Canada and Mexico. I went there with family when I was a kid. I really loved Niagara Falls because they light it up rainbow at night. I remember being a sulky brat when we first got there cuz my tooth was loose and it hurt lol. I remember going to this revolving restaurant and thinking we were actually going to feel it move, and then feeling disappointed when that wasn't the case lol. Of course we did the other tourist attractions there like Maid of the Mist and went behind the falls and stuff which was cool. I visited there a second time with my sister, our friend and her mom a few years later.


Mexico was a brief stop while we were in San Diego. I really liked San Diego. Very pretty, though I wouldn't want to live in Cali. I also enjoyed Myrtle Beach. We visited there when my grandparents had their 50th wedding anniversary. We shared a beach house with our cousins. Unfortunately, I was sick with a cold most of the time and my parents made me go to bed early at which point I just laid there cuz I wasn't tired at all lol. It irritated me. I shared a bed with my cousin who was the same age which was quite funny cuz on top of being a heavy snorer, she also slowly migrates until she's on top of you lol.


On the last day, some of my cousins, sister and I sang that "So Long, Farewell" song from The Sound of Music which in hindsight, was kind of corny lol. I also remember one time when we were all at a restaurant, my cousins created a liquid concoction of random stuff. Then they gave it to one of my uncles to drink, and the look on his face was priceless lol.


I also enjoyed whale watching in Maine and running in and out of the ice-cold ocean lol.


As an adult, I enjoyed the trip ex-hubby and I took with his fam to Florida. Shared a beach house with his mom and sisters and their kids. That was the last trip we took with his mom before she died. She was a lovely lady, so I have fond memories of that. I remember her commenting that I'm a fish because I loved being in the ocean.


I look forward to being able to travel and have adventures with my Daddy in the future. Just can't at the moment. But like I said, I also enjoy exploring local/hidden gem places, so I'm not complaining.


Welp, all my stories were boring but there you have it. About the only thing/place I want to do before I die is swim with dolphins. And anything else would just be extra.

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Guest LittleFireflies

Woaahh, Bubbless! What an adventure you had! Even as someone who lives in the country myself, I've never had such experience! 


For me, travelling is a burst of spontaneous unplanned trip. If booking for tickets and accommodations counted, maybe I do plan a little.  :D


I haven't travelled that much though, just some short trips to nearby cities. Never really had a chance to go somewhere far from home (especially abroad). But now that I'm a little bigger than before, I would really love to have my own trip somewhere far far away and try those extreme sports like you once I have the chance to!



My most memorable trip would be the one that I had with my close friend two years ago. It was only few months after we started our freshman year, decided to ditch our class for a short escape before we had our midterm exam. The trip supposedly filled with food tours, but it turned into something adventurous. When we finally arrived at the city we're going to (it's only 3 hours long trip by train), my friend got a message that said the one who scammed her lives in that city. Long story short, after hours of searching through narrow alley where the information said the scammer lives, we found the house ... and the scammer, of course. My friend talked to her (the scammer), threatened her a bit, and got her personal information. The case was closed. 


The following day, after finished our breakfast and shopped at a nearby mall, we went to another city. Thankfully this time, we had the chance to enjoy the foods, visited some recommended tourist places, and got a chance to meet new people. It was so pleasant that we got exhausted and slept like a rock. When we woke up, the sun was already bright. It didn't take long until we realized that we missed the train. And that was the only train for that day. Still in a panic mode, we packed our stuffs and head straight to the bus station, on our feet, running. Once we made it there, the bus to our city was ready to go. We jumped in immediately and phew ... no longer after that, the engine started and we're off to our city. 


Just when we thought that we're already safe, at least to our city, someone asked for our tickets ... AND we forgot to buy the tickets! But good God, the man said we could buy it straight from him. Okay, not a problem, unless ... you don't have any cash in your pockets. Both of me and my friend prefer e-wallet to pay everything and there's no other payment option. We're panicking, again, for the second time that morning. After some minutes checking every pocket in our bags and wallets, we found some cash, but it's not enough. We need $2 more. The man was getting impatience, then he said, "Okay, just give me what you have." So we gave him the money. We made it back to our place and the rest is history. 



That one trip taught me one thing: Don't forget to bring cash in your pocket!  :D  

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