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Which life would you choose?

Guest Teasing Tink

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Guest Teasing Tink
Hey guys, have you played this game before? Stolen from reddit, which of these lives would you choose? Which one(s) do you think is the worst?:




I'd choose Nakama. Sounds like my life now minus the natural luck and amount of people lol. Losing that last person sure would suck, but to me, the close bonds I have with those I love are everything.


I think the worst one is Hunter, but Escape is a close second. I don't find either remotely appealing.


What about you?


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Guest LittleFireflies

Such a cool game!



I'd choose The Eternal Road undoubtedly! I've been wanting to live as a wanderer for my whole life and just exploring as many places, cultures, and languages as I can! 


For me Fisher King is the worst one. Can't stand myself being trapped in a house like that. 

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Guest Hero_Yuri

Long read, this was a fun topic.

I would definitely choose dominion; simply for the desire to lead the world to a better place and all those that reside in it to a happier life. To work together to the fullest, expand into the stars, and create things we could only imagine. If not for that then I would pick Fisher king as my second option. I would keep sending my golems as I build them till I have golems building golems to the point i have a insane army of golems made from whatever i desire (which will be built in so many ways I can only imagine, but understand as it says) out to build a home and with each day expand the size of that home, until it eventually becomes the size of a nation, if not far larger, as I then use that to manipulate the size of my kingdom to become that much larger; as time passes I may have created(thanks to the golems) a house that is so massive it can engulf the planet, one can only imagine what to do with that much power at that moment; big brain tactics. Basically will be another version of dominion, but with me being immortal now inside my own kingdom as i invite inside only the good. Not to mention as time passes technology would be so advanced I can just idk create some sort of teleporter in between random houses I build or operate with the golems so I can go anywhere while whenever having to go back home when needed. Okay Fisher king is super op, I think I might go for this one actually as my top choice.

I originally wanted to pick nakama because of the ultra luck power which can just make me get or obtain anything I desire aka immortality or whatever, but the part of no access to adventure or any excitment prevents that and has made me wanna pick it to be tied as the very worst choice along side The Road Eternal. Reading the road eternal sounded cool at the start, but the more I thought about it the more I would avoid it forever. Not just because of how I wish to live my life, but because sooner or later I am gonna encounter trouble, and yeah I can heal, but i am not immortal nor is my healing god like; all it would be needed to end me is to be either locked up by anyone for a while till I am super weak and can die from nearly anything or I have 1 unlucky day (which will definitely happen if I am going all over the place none stop) traveling into some bad people or a crazy person that head shots me or even take me hostage with a group of people to experiment or torture me to the max till the day I die as they are trying to find out what makes me eternal, my backpack, or healing ability, or they just wanna torture me for fun.

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Thanks for the game! I had a lot of fun while reading the descriptions :)


I'd choose the Road Eternal because it seems like the most peaceful option.


I think the worst for me would definitively be Dominion. I would hate to be the leader of a whole society. 

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