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Did you find a daddy or did he/she/they become a daddy?


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Just curious how many people actually had their relationship start as DdLG/ you went out of your way to find a daddy/ dom like partner vs. Those who already had a relationship and it evolved / you decided to become the ddlg dynamic? In my case I was with my fiancé (boyfriend at the time) and it evolved overtime and we decided to take on this dynamic. If you found one on your own, was it online? Just curious of the percentage of people who actually intended on getting a daddy and those who kind of fell into it Edited by lilamulan
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Guest littlebunny84

I met my husband online and we were both open to meeting a partner who was interested in the ddlg dynamic.  However, we had a lot of shared interests, made each other laugh and wanted similar things in life so it wasn't just ddlg that brought us together.  Ddlg wasn't the main focus but it is how we met and it is what got us talking to each other.  

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Guest Teasing Tink
I did go out of my way to find a DD, but found that I didn't have chemistry/compatibility with any self-proclaimed DD's. Nothing against them, I'm just insanely picky since I was looking for a soulmate connection first and foremost. And aside from a few DD's, they all seemed like respectful people. 


I wound up meeting my Daddy online. He was just seeking platonic friends, so I wasn't expecting it to turn into anything romantic, I was just immediately attracted to his personality. Right from the get-go there were tons of chemistry and compatibility between us. We'd constantly flirt with each other as well as have really intimate heart-to-hearts, but we were technically just friends for months. I knew he was super kinky like me from the start, but hadn't had any kink experience with anyone (which I prefer). I also knew he was a natural caregiver and Dom type. He knew about my "little" side from the start as well because I was open about it. He was already familiar with all types of kink. So when I confessed my crush/feelings for him months later and he felt the same way, our DD/lg relationship naturally fell into place. We fit together quite naturally.


My last relationship (marriage), it was the other type because I didn't know about the DDlg dynamic until I had been married for awhile. So when I discovered it was something I was interested in, I told him and he was very open and supportive of it. 
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