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Anxiety/Stress Relief tips and tools

Guest Sweetielynn

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Guest Sweetielynn

I've been on the search for ideas and self soothing things to help with anxiety and stress relief. What are some things you do that help? Please feel free to share, There are probably other ideas I would never think of.


Here are some I do:


Arts and crafts


Taking a walk and taking pictures of nature


I also am looking into stress relief toys and found some great ones that I think would be great for littlespace. These were on Amazon




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I just ordered my first weighted stuffie. Between my ADHD and anxiety me and my therapist thought it would be a good idea. Other than that, stunning and other things that elicit happy feelings from you are the best. Also make sure to perform self care on occasion to act as a kind of prevention for more stressful times that can feel overwhelming. Good luck!
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OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Daddy and I were just talking about anxiety related to bedtime and a routine to help me when my emotions become unmanageable. I will share! These are just some ideas surrounding bedtime but could also help in front of a nap. It is a list so Papa can pick what he wants to do and not feel stuck in a rut. He also can (and I am sure will lol) add to the list as he sees fit. Tuck in includes Papa laying with me until I am asleep or dozing. Some of them can be done alone and meditation in and of itself really helps me. Also just being aware of how my body is physically responding to my cyclical thoughts and stopping it by focusing on other physical sensations (rubbing beach glass or smooth stones). Any how good luck! The struggle is real :0).


Baby Girl’s Better Bedtime Behavior List

If Papa is Home

  1. Tuck in and play ASMR story from youtube.
  2. Tuck in and read bedtime story to babygirl.
  3. Tuck in and put on bedtime music (Healing Vibrational Hertz Music).
  4. Tuck in and put on a bedtime movie.
  5. Tuck in and give pats on bottom.
  6. Tuck in and give swats on bottom.
  7. Give bedtime tea and OATMEAL COOKIE and tuck in.


If Papa is Away From Home

  1. Have babygirl do her bedtime hygiene and listen to a story Daddy reads.
  2. Have babygirl do her bedtime hygiene and listen to a song Daddy made.
  3. Have babygirl do her bedtime hygiene and call Daddy for a story.
  4. Have babygirl do her bedtime hygiene, call Daddy to say my prayers, and listen to nature sounds.


Bedtime Rules







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Guest Alisons
When I was feeling anxious, sad, overwhelmed, over emotional. I never understood why at the time but my ex would tell me to go splash my face with cold water. Immediately I noticed I was calmed down. Turns out medically your heart rate lowers and breathing slows back down to normal. There are medical terms and reasons behind it as well but really don’t want to site them all on here. Look it up though! Turns out has other benefits as well but anti anxiety is a big one. And speaking from experience it works.
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My depression, anxiety and autism get the better of me sometimes, so I like using littlespace-related stuff to help me calm down. These are a couple things I've discovered over the years: 


  • Play a video game that sucks you in. You can't freak out if you're distracted. Lately it's been farming sims or sandbox games like Animal Crossing or Minecraft
  • Watch a tv show, preferably one that doesn't need a storyline to follow. Stuff like My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, or even Rick and Morty
  • Get a stuffie that has particularly good cuddle abilities. Mine is this Squishmallow-style Seal, his name is Roman Reigns (like the wrestler). He protects me and doesn't mind when I squish him. 
  • Music of course. I have dedicated playlists for anxiety and overstimulation. I like lofi or soft pop like mxmtoon, Clairo, Jack Stauber. I have another of just happy dancey songs to distract when I feel hopeless. Singing along really loudly will get all the jitters out too. 
  • Coloring books. I keep kid's coloring books and plain crayons on me, and try and sit on the floor to color. It's nostalgic and has so much nice sensory qualities that I get lost in it. You can tweak it to your needs, I use this because I find it doesn't overwhelm me like adult coloring books and colored pencils do. 
  • Splashing with cold water was mentioned, and it's one my therapist suggested! You can also put your face in a bowl of cold water, or do what I call a quick wash up. If I get overwhelmed at work, I go to the bathroom, wash my hands, splash my face, adjust my clothes, put on perfume, maybe a mint. I find that taking time to make my body feel clean helps calm me down. 
  • Lastly, I go through HALT. Am I Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired? If yes, I drink water/have a snack, vent in my journal, reach out to someone, or take a cuddly nap with a stuffie. It's amazing how much better you can feel after that checklist!
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Ooooooh I had never even thought of a stress relief toy!!


I do guided meditations sometimes (though that doesn't always work) and I write a lot. I find that singing (like, belting kind of singing) also gives a release for the butterflies in my belly that come with anxiety.

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This isn't something that's really like a method or anything but my doctor told me that a supplement L- Theanine which helps anxiety.
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Hi! I really struggle with anxiety too. I found out if I make it a habit of having little space often, then I’m less likely to be overwhelmed and have anxiety. I can get too caught up in adult life and not go into little space for a while and that’s really bad for me. Try to be consistent and have little space every day (without distractions like your phone or your house) I struggle if I’m at home because I see reminders of adult life everywhere, and things I must do. I try to either stick to one room that has no distractions or get out of the house. Other things that help for me are: music (either Disney songs or punk music I used to listen in my teenage years), movies (definitely Disney or any positive movies like romcoms), crafts, books, sitting outside just observing nature, feeding birds outside, staring at ants (it’s weird I know, but I have a thing for them ), looking at and talking with animals, going for a walk, drinking hot chocolate from my bottle in bed or wearing my paci, cuddling with my boyfriend. So it’s basically doing all of the things I love while distracting myself from the adult life that overwhelms me (my stressful jobs, one of them being in an office surrounded by lovely people who are always joking and talking and it would be amazing except that I’m an introvert and that REALLY drains my energy)
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Ohh I love butter slime to relax me because it isn't super sticky, it's soft and doesn't leave an icky feeling.


I also have a star bag I fill with my bedtime stuff, which has something for each sense (except sound which is a playlist on spotify), soft cloth sample, linen spray/lotion, I have a journal I keep my sticker hoard in, a handheld massager thing, and my favorite candy. It's good to do a minty one too because it's extra good at distracting and I try to keep ice water nearby!


I even have a list of safe people to call and want to add in handwritten affirmations/copies of kind things said to me when I feel insecure.


Have a few car squishes that stick to my dash that helps when I drive.   :wub:

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