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Little kaiya

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My Daddy and I celebrate our 4 year anniversary this week and I was reflecting on our relationship and how wonderful it is for both He and I to have DDlg as part of it.


It got me thinking that it isn't the big things really, it's the small things, the unconscious natural moments.


Things like:


When He strokes my hair when I'm laying in His lap watching TV


The look of joy on His face when I give Him a coloured picture.


The way He tucks a stuffie in my arms when I'm sleepy.


The sound of His heartbeat and His scent wrapping me up if I've had a nightmare.


The sound of His voice as He reads me a bedtime story or makes sound effects to go with the story.


And so, so, so many more things. I'm not saying a caregiver is needed to be little as that's totally not true, but I also can't imagine my Daddy not being with me and giving that unasked for support, reassurance and unconditional love.


Here's to caregivers that support, protect and love their littles in ways a lot of us never knew we wanted or in ways we were too shy to ask for. Here's to caregivers making being a little go from being special to being like a dream and a fantasy.


Here's to my amazing Daddy Wolf, 4 years together and many, many more years of Daddy/little love and precious moments together.


Little kaiya

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