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Anybody with experience as sugar daddy or sugar baby


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Yess! So me and my Daddy started as a sugar based relationship that devolved into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. He always loved my bubbly, girly and childish nature(aka my little side) So eventually I came out to him as a Little. Things have gone really well since. As far as our sugaring relationship goes it stands alone more as boyfriend/Girlfriend. If I want something anything I can just ask nicely and it'll happen. My little/Daddy relationship is pretty typical I have chores/assignment, am coddled and I do receive many gifts/toys/onsies. It is kinda interesting because our relationship has two very separate sides I am spoiled as a girlfriend and as a Little but in different ways. As a girlfriend I don't have a spending limit or conquences at all. However if I want a new puzzle or stuff animal I need to clean my room first. I am very happy with being spoiled it is a lot of fun and I am saving so much money with his help saying I am no longer spending unnecessary money. The other day our big Date/shopping spree was to a Christmas store. We both made suprise "scavenger hunts" for eachother and I was allowed to buy whatever I wanted. It was a sweet adventure.
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