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My daddy and I both work ALOT you know due to staff shortages. So we only see each other 1-2 hours a day and it’s always really late at night when we’re tired. He can’t text at work and only gets 20 min break a day (surely illegal for a 12 hour shift?!) so I feel like our communication has just dropped drastically and I’m feeling really lonely and sad and I don’t know how to cope! He said he’s text me goodnight last night and he didn’t and then I texted him have w good day at work an hour before he started and no reply. Liek most little i am really clingy and he knows that and accepts that but I’m starting to feel really lonely through all this :(
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First of all, it really sucks if you can only see each other for so little.
It's what life can be like, though you probably have a better idea on how temporary it will be.

If I were you I would really address this with your daddy, since loneliness can lead to sadness.

I am sure your daddy wouldn't want you to be sad, so that he will find a way to resolve this to the best of his capabilities.

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Daddy and I hit a rocky point when this happened to us. He was working long hours and I was clingy and teary-eyed due to lack of companionship. We had been married for about two years when this happened. I don't know how long you've been with your partner, but if you're serious about each other, you will last this out. Your work schedules won't always be like this.


When I was lonely during that rocky period, I wasn't entirely certain we'd last, even though we adored each other and both wanted to be married. There were other factors, but once I made up my mind that I was in this marriage come hell or high water, it became much easier. I had a lot of free time with him working such long hours, so I took up a musical instrument and took lessons and joined a community orchestra. I lessened my load and quit the orchestra when his schedule freed up again, but I now have a new skill and he enjoys hearing me play, since it gives him plenty of chances to compliment me.


Maybe an arts and crafts project making something special for him? Make sure to tell him often how much you miss him and if you can manage the courage, what you plan to do to him the next time you're alone together. Plan for those few hours you have during the week. Skip a night or two if you're sleepy, but try to make the effort. And communicate, communicate, communicate. Hope this helps.

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