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The last three years were a lie.

Guest Fleshpoet

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Guest Fleshpoet

So I've been with my little since March 2019, when we first met she told me some stories about her past and some medical information. I have spent thee years utterly devoted to this girl, she's been making my house more of a home for her, we'd booked to go to disney in September and she had told me she wanted to get engaged. This was finally the year she was going to move in.


So on the 8th Jan she moves into what looks like a crack house with a man she's known less than a month, I find out she's cheated on me, she's been flirting and sharing private things with other daddies online the whole time and everything she has ever told me has been a lie.


It has taken me a week to clear my house of all of the things I have bought for her over the years.


I needed to get this off my chest...



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Guest Fleshpoet

Ouch. That really sucks.  :(  I hope you find someone who treats you with love and respect in the future.


Thank you I'm in a great place because every lie I uncovered just killed feelings and I feel I'm in a very close place mentally to when I met her which is quite an achievement. I think I had one day when I cried a bit, and a few sleepless nights but that's it.


I have good people around me.

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