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A DDLG Contract


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Hi all! My Daddy and I have never had a sit down discussion on any of this, but it’s been mentioned that we’re both into it and crave this dynamic, and it tends to slip into our relationship naturally. Having said all that, as our one year anniversary comes up, I really wanted to write up a DDLG specific contract, basically giving myself to him in the most intimate way I could think of. Problem is, I can’t find any reference contracts that aren’t BDSM anywhere! And help or tips/advice would be amazing!
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First of it is wonderful that you both naturally have evolved and that the dynamic comes naturally for you. You will most likely find contracts for the D/s dynamic which I have used in the past as well and many in that dynamic have used. However, I have seen some DDLG contracts over the years on some sites, here is a link for one just in case, don't know if it would work for you but it is a starting point. 




If you have any questions for others please feel free to reach out, you will have to copy and paste the link.



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Previously we've taken a bunch of different example contracts and built our own from bits and pieces of those. Best way to make sure it totally fit.

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