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How to Tell if you Connect with a Mommy/Daddy


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I have a question for you all and I hope this is the correct place to post this.


I think I may have found a mommy for me, but I'm not entirely sure. We live relatively close and we have been connecting through little space as if I was right there with her. Because of past traumas, I keep thinking that I'm overthinking it all and that she won't want to be my mommy, but she's showing me so much love and affection that it's confusing my little brain.


The question becomes, for those who DDlg (or similar variation) started off online, how did you know when it was going to go somewhere? Is the situation written above a good sign or am I overthinking things again? Could use some thoughts to try to unconfused myself.




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Guest Teasing Tink
Is the question something like: how do you know when someone is serious about you?


I've had people make grand promises to me in the past (with no prompting from me) only for their word to ultimately mean nothing in the end, so I'm slow to trust as well and don't just believe pretty words.


I would say the biggest indicator that my Daddy was serious about me was his attentiveness and consistency. This is something that takes time to see. The more they are consistent over time, the more that proves they are trustworthy/mean what they say, because you see how their actions match their words and aren't just empty. We started off as friends though (online -- even though we also live relatively close), and I took my sweet time feeling things out even though we both developed strong feelings for each other early on. I wanted to make sure it wasn't just infatuation. But the conversation/banter was just so fun, heartfelt and stimulating from the start.


Another indicator was that he genuinely cared about my thoughts and my feelings about all things. A meeting of hearts and minds. We had compatibility in the sense of the same values. And if I was ever upset about anything, no matter the time of day, no matter all my questions, he always cared enough to sort things out as soon as possible, however long it took. And he never acted like I was some burden or some nuisance for that. I always just got the feeling that he was super grateful for my friendship and considered it a gift as much as I considered him a gift. That I was really important to him. That my thoughts and feelings matter to him. I knew I was safe with him and that he'd never take me for granted. It really melted my heart and proved to me that his care for me and interest in me was genuine, and still is three years later. Our feelings for each other have only strengthened with time.
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