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Plus size knee or thigh highs


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There is a trick that dancers and cosplayers use: use a non toxic glue stick and apply it to where the top of where the sock would be. When it dries, put the sock over it and it will help from the socks rolling down :)


Another option I found having thicker thighs was faux thigh high stockings. The sizing can be hit or miss on Amazon, but they are essentially stockings/tights that look like thigh highs and above the knee/thigh is nude tone or a lighter color (like a black “sock” part and lighter black top). Some of them are very stretchy and can fit a wide range of sizes ^^

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Thunda Thighs – THUNDA THIGHS


This brand is wonderful for plus size thigh high socks!!!  :D


I second them! I just bought a pair as a bday present and I love them. They also make a glue like thing to help them not roll. I haven't tried the glue just yet because its too hot and I only wanted to make sure they fit. When it comes to length, go with the small unless you're super tall. They stretch!

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