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New to Pacis


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So I just got my first paci and I started using it right away and have a few questions. 


How often do I clean it, do i need to change anything out?


I have these weird kinda sore spots at the corners of my mouth but on the inside. Is that normal?


If you feel there is other things I should know, let me know, thanks! ♥


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Clean it after each use.

Be sure to dry it and put it in a clean spot after. You will need to change the nipple if it gets any holes in it.

If you have sores I'd stop using it till they go away. Possibly wash your mouth with warm salt water may help clear it up.

I have never gotten sores from a paci myself.

Be sure you are using an adult sized paci. Smaller sizes can cause issues with your teeth.

If your teeth hurt even from an adult size stop using it .

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I fully agree with Satan, you must clean your pacifier and store in a sterile place after each use.

Also, make sure that you're using a get a good quality and of right size. 

Your sore spots may or may not be due to using your pacifier and possibly due to not drinking enough water or constipation, therefore, if they persist you should see a doctor. 

Good luck and enjoy! 

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