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how to i tell my daddy i like using pacifiers:/


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can somebody give me suggestions on how to tell my daddy i like using pacifiers, plewese

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My advice is to just be honest about it!

I had to tell my Daddy about it recently, and was super duper nervous about it. I just kind of told him that it was something that would help me have that additional level of comfort and explained why I wanted it. He was totally cool with it and more than happy to even help me find one that I liked! If he's already your daddy, he's probably going to be comfortable with the topic when you guys talk about it anyway!

I hope this helps! :3

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What I would do is ask him how he feels about pacifiers and tell him he needs to answer honestly. Once you get his honest feelings then you can open up about how you like to use them. Most daddy's familiar with the DDLG dynamic already knows that some littles like to use them. The most important thing about any relationship is knowing that your partner loves and accepts you without any judgement. That is one of the ways you know if he the right one for you. I hope this helps a little bit

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