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Daddy with problems


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Hello everyone ! I hope you all are having a good day. I'm here to just talk about a very difficult hard topic to discuss! A daddy Dom with mental health problems!


As a Daddy Dom, you naturally radiat dominant and confidence energy, but in some cases , it can be very difficult and exhausting ( both physically and mentally). In my personal case , it was life threatening, I've always suffered from anxiety, self esteem problems , and due to those people, I developed some "depression tendencies" as in I'm not clinically depressed, but I'm still extremely unhappy with myself and with who I am! And sadly that led to some bad choices that I couldn't control! I've met two littles through this wonderful place ( separate times ) a few years ago ,and they were wonderful and amazing, but the anxiety and depressing just took control, and I just disappeared from their lives without a warning, and the more I kept ignoring their messages the more I hated myself. I don't know if they are still here and if they will see this , but I truly hope they are doing well and they are having a great life, and I am truly sorry how things went.


I'm not here to discuss my situation, I'm here to tell you if you have any issues , open up to the people you trust the most , and seek professional help , TRUST ME , it will change you!


And finally , being a daddy doesn't mean you are "protected" from mental health problems, and it's not a bad thing if you do , the bad thing is teaching yourself to hide it and teaching yourself to "live with it"! And if you are a little and have mental health problems, same goes for you!


Let's try to live a good life and always help each other!

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here here, i would argue that with being a daddy and being "expected" to be a certain way it actually proves more harmful then not, and that's coming from a switch (me)


i have nothing but respect and love for daddies all over who can project power and dominance no matter how they are feeling but a small PSA from a little, let us care for you sometime :3 also self care for yourself is okay! we can manage without you sometimes if it means you feel better overall

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Whether someone has Rage you can't cope with, or crippling anxiety / depression you definitely need to seek assistance. 

No one is perfect, and we could all use some help sometimes. 

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