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I think I live with a closeted little


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Due to a personal change and some coincidence I recently found out that my wife feels the most secure when I dominate our relationship.


On top of that, She really seems to enjoy things I rather associate with the acts of love towards a little. Cutting her fruit, treating her m&m's, being the little spoon, following gentle commands in bed rather then having initiative (that while she is really sex positive).


I think I live together with a closeted little!




Uuum... now what...

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I thougt about it, but...

She is the youngest of 3 sisters. She fought hard to gain her adult position. She doesn't like to be belittled. I know this isn't what DDlg is all about, but I am afraid she might take it wrong. I might have only one chance...


I really need the correct resources to cite...

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