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The Village


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  Once upon a time there was a quaint little village in a small secluded area surrounded by a tiny forest. Beyond the forest perimeter were huge cities filled with people and smog and crime. People there were sad and angry and confused but didn't know why. But in this small village there were flowers and streams and butterflies galore. You could look up and see the sky and fluffy clouds and enjoy the sun and the singing of the birds. There were all sorts of small huts and cottages and even a yurt that was inhabited by one of the village elders.
  The streets were neat and clean and made of cobblestone. Each one a slightly different shade than the next which just added to the fun feeling of this place. Each cottage had window boxes with various fragrant herbs growing. Along the ground around each cottage were beautiful wildflowers. There were communal gardens that everyone enjoyed working in and they all shared in the harvests. This cut down on everyone's workload and allowed each person to have fresh food all year long. 
  Since there were no cars there were no stop lights. Instead, at each street crossing draped above the road were lush wisteria vines. And where you would usually see stop signs, each street corner had a fruit tree. On your walk to work or to visit a neighbor you could grab a healthy snack at any corner straight from a tree. Want a different snack? Just cross to a different corner and pick what you want.
  The fragrances on each street were different but each smelled amazing. And each cross street led to the center of town where the park was situated. A more lush and fragrant and inviting park I will bet you have never seen. In the center was a ginormous gazebo where people would gather and talk. Along the outer edges of the park and around the gazebo were scattered sweet olive trees. During the spring the air was filled with the smell of citrus from these trees. Imagine the sweet tangy smell of orange tictacs wafting on a warm breeze and you are there.
  All along the tree line were birdhouses that resembled the cottages for the song birds to nest in. Squirrels and chipmunks were always scampering about throughout the park. And there were also huge nut trees like pecan and hazlenut for the villagers and woodland creatures to harvest from.
  Along the east and north sides of the park edges were the craft and artisan shops. Each one neat and tidy and with their doors open so their aromas could reach passersby. There was a candle shop, bakery, soda shop, and ice cream parlor. Next to these were a tailor and a leather crafter, along with a special garden, an herb shop, and even a tea shop. A few doors down was an art gallery and shop that had art contests and craft fairs.
  Along the west and south sides were restaurants and cafes specializing in every type of cuisine and all using things grown in the village. Near the center of the west side was a specialty coffee and cocoa shop. They made every drink to order and used only the finest ingredients, all grown locally.
  This area would be the heart of any usual city. But this village was anything but usual. The heart of this village lay beyond the business district. The heart of the village surrounded this area. It was the cottages and huts and the villagers themselves that were the heart and soul of this magical place. For without the people there is no village. And these people were different, special.
  At first sight to the unknowing eye the villagers might seem like anyone else, but these people were magical. Some were big and some small, some could change from big to small and back again. Some were in the middle and some could change between all three. The villagers ranged in age from older to younger but they all had one thing in common. They all loved this village and the feeling it brought them. Over time some would come and go while others came and decided to never leave. This was a village where everyone was welcome and everyone looked after their neighbor. If someone needed help there was always a willing hand. If someone was sad there was always a shoulder nearby. This was more than a village it was a community and everyone was welcome.
  The past couple years have been rough on all of us but this is how I see this village and hope that each of you reading this will help make this village a reality. Reach out to check on friends, welcome strangers, plant a virtual garden with your words or share some pics in the gallery. But most importantly, share a smile with your neighbor. We are all in this together. 
As for me, I'll be in my yurt if y'all need me.


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"we built this city on rock n roll"

We built this village with friendship and kindness.

I am so thankful for this wonderful community. It's been loving finding out more about myself and growing and meeting all kinds of people along the way.

Also got some of the bestest people around I call my friends.


This village is home

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