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Almost 40! Losta rambling

Ebony Fruit Bat

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So I'm 30 but that sounds like one heck of a birthday cake :D

So when my new house gets done I'd like to have a few of my friends over for fun. I am pretty much always "little" it's kind of just part of me at this point. So I think they won't be surprised by what I'll have going on lol. It'll be summer time so lots of bright colorful pool toys. Yummy snacks , fruit drinks and tasty goooood food.

Also nostalgic music cuz you can't has a good party time without good music lol

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I don't really celebrate birthdays or holidays. I was deployed so much when I was active I just got numb to not having that anymore. Not good, letting the fellow Marines know when My B day is. It often results in hazing and beatdowns. I had a B day in Bootcamp during 19, 20th was in Mountain Survival School as I got so skinny I could wrap My cargo belt around Myself twice. My 21st I lost My immunity to poison oak and had it everywhere. I looked like the guy that crashed into the Toxic Waste barrel in Robocop. Not quite really that bad, but I felt like it  O.o


I don't mind a surprise B day though. I am all about Cake with thick sugary frosting when I cheat off My diet. 

I'm interested in what ideas others have of their Birthday and even seeing description of yummy cake makes My mouth water. 

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