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What is your favorite moments!


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Hello everyone ~ I am avoiding sleep and a small question came to mind! I have been in the community for quite some time! I have shared laughs and cried! I have enjoyed meeting people and learning more about myself along the way!! I always remember small moments of story times in a group chat and even the time I was in time out for 4 hours after causing an uprising! Although I no longer talk to those who created such enjoyment it was those small things that made me realize how special and down to earth this community can be! And how much I wanted to enjoy the moments I didn’t have growing up!


I have seen so many questions but one thing I haven’t seen much shared about is some of our favorite moments within the community! Maybe that is a group chat that sparked a fun night or seeing a little/dom do something so hilarious you laugh it about to this day! Moments that made you smile! Anything that made you go “yep this is my place!” I would love to know about your most memorable moments!


What was the thing that made you realize you enjoyed cg/l?! What is your favorite and most memorable moment with in the community?! Is there a funny or enjoyable experience that you had?!


I would love to see the many fun and memorable moments everyone has! ☺️

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My first girlfriend was into BDSM and had a dominant personality so without knowing I (by myself) got slightly interested in BDSM and in that relationship I was really submissive but paid it no mind. A few years later I had another girlfriend 1 year older than me and we had a local joke that started with a somewhat popular meme "when your friend is 1 year older than you" depicting a young woman and a grandma (hyperbolization of a minor age gap being the joke). Then I started feeling like I wanted our age gap to be much more significant, that's how I got into age play probably. She bought me small gifts occasionally and when we talked about future she said ideally she'd want to move in together with me and support me, so I started - jokingly once again - calling her my sugar daddy, and we joked about both sugaring and DDLG (didn't know it was DDLG back then) so much that I started realizing I was obsessed with the fantasy of someone taking care of me and pampering me, also I didn't want to call my partner anything other than daddy anymore; shortly after, I stumbled upon some DDLG community online and that's how I knew that apparently it's a relationship dynamic people have in real life. Some of it seemed (and still does) unappealing but some aspects are exactly what I need. 


Not exactly what you asked but that's how I knew I liked cg/l and as I've not really interacted with like-minded people apart from my partners that's the most fun I've had cg/l-wise. Still pretty amusing to me how it all turned out.

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