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Littles and Music


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I am not good at the tag thing so I just left it blank. on to what we are here for. 



So to all the littles. I am trying to put together a Playlist on Spotify and I need your help. 


What are a few songs list as many as you want, that you like to listen to in little space, if you listen to music in little space. I do when I am coloring and one song that really gets me jumping in a sense is Flamingo from kero kero bonito I am not sure why but theres something about it I love. 


So littles can you help a little out?


Caregivers Mommies and Daddies alike if you have any I wouldn't mind your input too!

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Omg, thank you so much for introducing me to Kero Kero Bonito, I'd never head them before and now I'm going to binge listen to them all day! Such a cute sound.  :heart:  I'm also trying to make a Spotify playlist I think it's difficult to know what to choose since the music I like have different energies, like upbeat and cute or mellow/ethereal, as well as more sassy or sweet, ugh. 


The song suggestions/artists I have are more middle energy I think, because of either the beat or the lyrics. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to embedd a youtube video so I'll just link them, strange how some showed up and some didn't. 


I love Purity Rings beautiful lyrics, ethereal sound with soft and sweet beat. Feels very magical, glittery and powerful. If you like their sound I'd recommend both their album Womb, and Another eternity.


Purity Ring - Stardew.



Purity Ring - Push pull



Purity ring - Dust hymn



Hannah Diamond - Staring at the ceiling. It just has such a teen sound, the simple pure lyrics of expressing emotions. It feels really innocent.



Slayyyter - Hello kitty. Has a very sassy 2000s vibe, chick flick sound.


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Unironically the Wii music... Do Dodo Do Do Dododo! It's fun and has a lighthearted sound to it that usually puts me in a good mood. (not always though)

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I really enjoy 


a stranded lullaby 

which is more of a softer song (obv xD)


hey lets go 

from Totoro!

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Oh oh!! My absolute favorite is Animal Crossing Soundtrack. I found this video that has rain sounds added in which is the best! Plus, the creator is a little as well! The artwork on the screen is absolutely adorable. It's funny that I like the music from this game so much but have never played it LOL


(2) Relaxing Animal Crossing Music Compilation (With Rain Sounds) - YouTube  

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I like the Curious George soundtrack by Jack Johnson

The music from Disney’s Up

Some classical pieces: Peer Gynt, Peter and the Wolf - ballets like Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty, Prokofiev's Cinderella, and Snow White.

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