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Extra daydreamy in littlespace?


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I find that when I'm having little space time I end up daydreaming a lot. I just zone out and my mind wanders all around to random different places. It's hard to focus, but not in a bad way. I just feel extra spacey haha. My mind makes up these little stories where maybe I'm on an adventure and I'm walking through the woods, or I'm learning magic at a magic academy. Stuff like that. 

Don't get me wrong, I daydream sometimes when I'm outside of little space as well. I just feel like it happens a lot more when I'm little! My daydreams differ too depending on whether or not I'm feeling little. When I'm daydreaming outside of little space it's usually about something realistic like taking a vacation. But in little space, it's so much more adventure-fantasy filled fun!


Does this happen to anyone else?

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I definitely experience this as well. My mind wanders more when I’m feeling small and I sometimes find myself drifting focus. I will change activities more and have to backtrack, which is almost completely opposite to how I function when not in a littlespace. Clumsiness comes out quite often in littlespace for me as well, which might be because of the daydreaming!


I daydream sometimes outside of littlespace, but it is only when I am relaxing. If I’m working, or focused on something my mind doesn’t wander.


You’re 100% not alone experiencing this!

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