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Announcing May's Coloring Contest and April's Winner


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Hello everyone.

Our April contest has come to a close and May's is beginning. 

We hope y'all are enjoying yourselves and will find something in this month's choices you like.

Congratulations to our winner of last month's contest...








This month's contest will close on May 30th


1. Must be your own handiwork.
*You can add designs to blank sections and spruce it up if you feel inspired to
2. Must be submitted by the deadline.
3. Only 1 entry per member. You may color and upload all the pictures but let us know which is your entry.
4. Post your art on this thread or if you have trouble with that message a member of staff and we will be happy to assist you.
Save the image(s) below.
You can print it out to color it or use an app.  
Using a layer capable program/app:
Import (paste) the coloring page image.
Set it as the top layer.
Add a few layers under it.
Set top layer (coloring page) to "Multiply"
You should be able to color/erase easier, without affecting the lines.
Free Apps: Sketches, Prismajoy and Sketchbook.
PC: Gimp (that’s basically all I’ve used), MS Paint, Photoshop etc.













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I'm entering this one:





I also did this one just for fun, but not entering it:


AstroBear 1

AstroBear 2

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Just reminding people the coloring contest is still going on. Plenty of time to get entries in!  ^_^  :heart: 

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