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ways to make urself feel small (without a caregiver)

Guest lilninji

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Guest lilninji

So i'm p much trash at making myself feel small alone, but i'm also nvr in ddlg relationships (life's complicated okai :') ) so i j end up ignoring this side of myself a lot, n i've been wanting to try n make an extra effort to feel smaller lately, u guys know, there's j no running away from it :(


Do u have any tips? or anything u like to do?

I'm not a huge fan of like coloring or watching cartoons, i have crazy adhd so it's hard for me to focus on things that don't interest me much like that

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Perhaps list things you love and maybe mention when you have felt the most little before so we can make some suggestions?


Don't try to copy what others do, focus on what you like. For example, I do enjoy coloring and drawing but it doesn't make me feel little at all. My stickers do without fail though, I love my stickers and stationary!


Everyone little's space is different, even if some are similar... some do not regress (I don't) so don't dismiss feeling little just because it doesn't match up with other's people experiences. To me feeling little is that rush of excitement that makes me lose control for a bit and I get super happy and playful. I tend to be quiet and composed.

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Are there some toys you like that makes you feel little such as blocks, puzzles, books, teethers, dolls, fidgit toys, etc? It kinda depends on what your little age range is.


Here's a list on what I like. I'm still figuring out what my little age is but I'm guessing around 4-7?? These are just some ideas that can hopefully get you thinking for yourself. 

-Crafts making for the season. For summer I have been putting together flower hair pins or a tiny fairy garden

-Creating lunches for myself that are adult versions of lunchables (because I work away from home and want to plan a good balanced meal on the go). Cute foods or snacks really makes little me happy just by looking at them 😋 Sprinkles on everything!! 

-Blowing bubbles. This summertime is perfect for them!

-Wearing something cute, comfy, or even just an oversized t-shirt makes me feel smol at the end of the day

-Sippy cup with my favorite beverage. I LOVE tea

-I enjoy listening to soundtracks from Animal Crossing, Studio Ghibli films, or music box versions of popular songs. They sound like lullabies

-I have several stuffies but my favorite right now is this giant teddy bear almost as big as me. Great for snuggling!

-My small pets that are super cute!! I have guinea pigs and sugar gliders. They put up with my little songs I sing them and tiny voice I use when speaking to them. My guinea pigs I have started teaching them simple tricks and it makes me so happy 😊 Again, doing crafts to make toys and accessories for my pets indulges my little side

-I use to have a self-care checklist (probably should update that 😅 heehee) of things I sometimes forget for overall healthy habits such as brushing my teeth, taking my meds, exercising, and so on. I have found some super cute ones with Rilakkuma or Hello Kitty. This is great to remind and motivate me to take care of my little side as well as big me.

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Well I was a little before meeting my boyfriend and he isn't really into being a daddy I don't think, so I have to be my own caregiver! but what makes me go into little space is:

- cuddling with my favorite blankey

- eating with a cute baby plate or any Disney themed plate

- drinking apple juice or tea out of a baby bottle or sippy cup

- Watching Disney

- READING DDLG BOOKS ON WATTPAD!!! It's my fav way to go into little space. It always works. 🌸🌸🌸💗💗💗🐚🐚☮️☮️😊😊



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