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It's kinda hard to sum up an entire lifestyle in one post. Plus, everyone is different and likes different things. 


The most useful thing to you is; communication. If you are still with your partner you are talking about in your post, then it sounds like they probably know more than you do about this lifestyle. Asking questions and communicating expectations is a great place to start.


Also, the internet is a great place to do your own independent research. YouTube is a great teacher as well. There are a lot of great content creators out there. I would recommend Evie Lupine, she is very knowledgeable about many aspects of the kink community.


This forum is also a great place to learn because there are a lot of helpful topics that explain a lot of the basics of the lifestyle and give you an insight into different aspects.


Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions, or just need someone to talk to that's in the lifestyle.





Junebug x.

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Thank you, unfortunately we are not together anymore but I am still curious and would love to know more about it. I will definitely do some research and go from there.
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