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Asexual but not aromamtic ddlg concept?


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I was thinking about asexual relationships but aromamtic


I was thinking about two people who fell in love and couldn't stand to be a part. So they moved in together.


Now these people are partners if not married (doesn't matter they love each other)


And they (2 adults) have developed a daddy little girl relationship. They are caregiver and little. The care giver enjoys a fatherly role, looking out for his little girl, spending time with her, guiding her and so on. The little girl enjoys being girly and looking up to her daddy. They even have agreed upon rules and punishments.


Now these two are asexual,they have deep conversations, special moments, they cuddle and sometimes kiss.

But they never become deeply intimate in the physical sense.


Is this relationship still under the DDLG dynamic?

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i dont see why not, you dont have to be sexual to be kinky


i also dont see why outside perspectives would matter, if it works for the people involved then thats all there is to it

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Guest ...___

No dynamic is exactly the same, nor should it be, and a DDLG dynamic doesn't need to be sexual in nature or include anything sex-related at all. I've personally both had and still have some friendships that have a family kind of dynamic, and I know at least one of my friends has the same kind of thing with others. So I'd say yes, what you're describing definitely falls under the DDLG dynamic (if that is how the people involved wish to define it - that's the important part).

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