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Hard to Get into Little Space


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I used to easily get into little space for months. Now it's hard to get into little space, and I need some advice on how to get back into little space.
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Did something happen (in little space or otherwise) that might have triggered this? Daily life stressors can definitely make it harder to be our happy little selves.


Some things that help me are to set aside time to just relax, not necessarily to be little, but to let go of all the potential issues that might be stressing me out, annoying me, etc. Each time stuff comes into my head that I don't want to think about, I tell it "Not right now." and gently push it aside. Bubble baths really do the trick for me, sometimes I just lay there and focus on relaxing my body and just clearing my mind.

Another thing that works quite well for me is to get my bed super cozy with all of my stuffies, my favourite blankie, paci, sippy cups and snack and put on a movie or tv show! Even if I don't fully go into little space I just enjoy that space and time and gently remind any annoying adult stuff that pops in my brain that this isn't the time and I need it to go away. :]

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