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The 2022 Sanrio Character Ranking


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Hello! The title explains it all: Which character or set of characters did you vote for and why? 


I voted for Lloromannic. Lloromannic is a cute demon duo, and one of them I have as my picture for this forum. Berry and Cherry are so cute, and I always wish that Sanrio released more media with them in it. Lloromannic was only released in Japan in 2007. They were never released in the United States. They're truly the hidden y2k gems of Sanrio!


If you haven't already, anyone can still vote for 7 days more.  Each person has 1 vote per day. Check it out if you feel like it!


EDIT: Edited to be more specific about my profile picture having only 1 part of Lloromannic in it (Cherry).

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I will always vote for Pochacco! I also really like Fresh Punch, though.

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