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littlespace themed lingerie sets large breasts


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I really want to buy littlespace themed lingerie sets (bras and panties) but all the ones I see are for small chests and wouldn't fit me at all. i'm a little with a big chest (my bra size is 36DD) and I want some littlespace themed bras and panties that would fit me. What are some good ones that would fit me, but also fit with the Littlespace/DDLG theme? (also it doesn't have to be specifically from a LittleSpace store)



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Hi! Try going to the space for us (Little Space) in the Forums, then go down about 6 or 7 posts.  It has "Mega thread" in the title.  Lots of recommendations there!  Good Luck! It's hard to find 'little/cute' bras for us endowed ones.  I don't wear them much anyway, haven't for....wow at le ast11 years. Hehe :)  I wear tank tops and go without O.o

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