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Little boy wondering why can't find a mommy cg


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I'm a 40 year old little I am exhausted trying to find a mommy caregiver there don't seem to be a lot of mommy who are looking for a little boy who

Wants a non sexual but loving relationship between his mommy and him I am not looking for a

Strict caregiver looking for a soft caregiver who

Want to cuddle with me and makr sure I am loved and happy I'm very well behaved I don't like conflict or loud noises PTSD is hard to deal with

I just want a mommy to hold me and tell me everything is going to fine that I am safe in her arms and never leave me

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They are out there!!! Keep looking! Sometimes it takes mommy's a while to discover they are mommy's. Thats what happened to me!
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I'm an LB who has been looking for a mommy for a long time too. They are out there, but they are pretty rare. Hopefully more mommies will come around.

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im a little thats been looking for a mommy too, ive been searching for a long time its like they dont exist or they dont want a female little :(

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