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I relate to this very much, while I do have a Daddy, he works away quite often right now and I am left on my own to fully take care of myself, which is troublesome when I am very often little brained. While I am an adult and can do these things, it's honestly always been a struggle and there are definitely days where even getting out of bed let alone doing anything can be a struggle. I personally think a good way to look at this is that your little self will feel significantly better, physically & mentally, if it's being taken care of, even by you & not a daddy. Showing ourselves small kindnesses, even if it feels boring (like eating veggies and brushing our teeth) also helps us to have more confidence in ourselves and generally boosts our wellbeing. ♥ With or without a Daddy you are important and you matter, and you deserve to have a healthy & happy mind and body.

It definitely has helped me to make every day tasks & taking care of myself fun in some way. I often sing song to myself what I am doing, and why it's important to do it. I have never liked veggies much, so if I am cooking or eating veggies I remind myself out loud why it's important to have veggies every now and then. My iron is always low so I eat foods with extra iron, and while I don't enjoy some of the foods very much, if I remind myself that I feel better when my iron isn't low it doesn't feel so bad to eat those foods.

When it comes to cleaning I put on some good music and dance while I am cleaning, and sing song to myself and dance around. You don't have to stand there in silence while you sweep the floor, why not make a dance party out of it?

Also a super fun thing, make a sticker chart of chore list that is visually appealing. Start out with a few small basic tasks and give yourself a sticker for each day/each week that you successfully complete that task. You could even have small rewards for yourself based on what tasks you have done that week. Sometimes I treat myself to a chocolate bar, and if I've had a really successful month, even something that costs a bit more. Like a more expensive stuffie, maybe some little clothes, even a video game. You could even find a friend online who helps to motivate you. I have a few friends I reach out to sometimes and just say "I need to clean the kitchen but I don't want to" and they give me some encouragement. :]

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Hi Hi



So I wonder - question for the Littles - how do you balance self care while also being a little? Do you just tell yourself that it’s too bad you have to be adult until maybe someone else eventually cares? (Would love advice from daddydoms on this too)




I was an orphan for years before joining with my Papa. I just enjoyed little activities on my own. With snacks, I found if I cut them up really cute with cookie cutters and stuff or bought mickey mouse packaged toddler food was healthy and fun. Also cute plates. There are so many healthy cute snackies! I used to say, My Daddy would want me to be kind to me...even before he found me :)

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I don't try to push six pack abs on the world, but it's a fact, an extra 30-50lbs isn't helpful to anyone. Unless you're competing for the worlds strongest human power lifter. 

Every person is different, and Daddy's are no different. Everyone has skill set. Not all are fitness and health related skills either. I try to be well versed all around, as much as I can. Then, I'm the type if I don't know something I'll search to learn not only for Myself but My girl as well. 

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I think it's wonderful you are being proactive about taking care of yourself and being happy on your own, in my experience this will result in finding someone you really click with and not out of desperation... I had to learn the hard way, most of us do.


Some daddy's enjoy taking the reins of everything including your diet, some prefer for each do their own and just be a bit more playful or buy you a teddybear once in a while if that makes sense, it is really up to the person and you should not push things onto them if they are not comfortable with it, just like you should never let them push you into something you are not comfortable with.


I am a middle, so I can go through life alone and I am pretty self sufficient, since your little age is only 5 it might be a bit trickier to let go completely, so you should have a safe space where you can decompress completely and then pick your battles for everyday/public life. I love cute sanrio PJ's and socks, sometimes on a lazy weekend I might do a hello kitty t-shirt for example, but my everyday clothes are just normal.


I agree with Wiggles sticker charts are great, however I do love my stickers and stationary in general so any excuse for pretty paper makes me happy XD


Sometimes I am feeling extremely little and say hell with it and wear something pink and cutesy for the day but it's still pretty discrete considering my taste and the most childish stuff I own are pj's. I usually eat healthy but sometimes I will have ice cream for breakfast, usually on those days I feel like spoiling myself. Daddy will buy me fancy pastries or cake sometimes too, but sometimes he will notice I've been eating them too often and announces I am done with sweet stuff for the rest of the week. Before Daddy I would stop myself because I want to be healthy.

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That's everyone, these are all really nice good replies and I really do appreciate it. 

About me: Melbourne, little5yo, Loves Disney, bondage and “Please Dada - not my sides and feet!!! They aren’t little piggies no no no stoooopppppp Hehehehehehehhehe”

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Being big for yourself is hard! I found this video the other day and it is so encouraging and helpful.



 (1) DDLG/Little Space Self Care: Tips on how to be an empowered Little - YouTube

Thank you so much! 


I didn't even think there would be a youtube channel like this but it makes sense and now I have something new to explore. 


A part of me feels sad still that as a little, I still have to ultimately be alone and take care of myself. I suppose that aspect is a psychological issue I need to work through. 

I imagine that a Daddy/Dom/Caregiver would take my hand and tell me that I am special and loved and they would make sure that I'm taken care of. I feel like not having this means that I am not special and loved, and that the only way I can be taken care of properly is if I do it myself. 


This hurts me, it makes me feel like... like when you throw a birthday party and no one shows up... so you have to try and celebrate alone and be brave and not be sad. 


I suppose self love and self care is not a strength of mine. I often rely on others for my own happiness, rather than creating it within myself. 


I have a lot to learn and a lot of growing to do (within my little self) but thank you all for the messages! <3 I really do appreciate it 

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