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Is it possible to be older than 10yo in little space?


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Hi everyone :)

I read this article that says that most little are between 0 and 10 years old in little space but I identify as older than that (13-14yo).

Is it weird or is it more common than I thought?

Thanks if you take the time to reply

Well I found my answer: I'm a middle

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Completely understandable for you to be a bit confused, since majority of this community is focused on "little space" which makes it seem like you can only be a little to fit in here. 

I was very confused myself when I first was exploring since yes I do like some little activities, I had a lot more connections to a tween/teen mind space of stuffies, video games, anime, and such. 

I hope to connect more with middles in this community, since it seems like we are a small subsection or at least don't get as much acknowledgment as the littles x) 

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Absolutely possible!! I don’t know if there is a certain defined age where a little becomes a middle, I think it varies depending on who you ask. I also believe it’s based on how someone identifies.


Personally I identify as a middle , I usually feel about 13 but it can vary between around 10 to about 15/16.


There are lots of us around, although I don’t think it’s as common as littles.


Nice to meet you Babygirlchikorita!



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