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Spankings and your thoughts


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I have been with littles who liked it but wasn't something they wanted daily and some who craved it. How do you all feel about the subject? I have also known some who would do stuff bad just so they could get one and some who that's how they want to be praised. Everyone is different in their likes and dislikes and that's ok.

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Much like you I have been with but most definitely wanted them. Most as a form of punishment, I am always able to find a reason for one.


I did have one contact me when we were both single who just needed and craved a spanking. We set up a set of rules of what was excitable and what was not which was a good thing. This was a sexual release for her, her mind and mouth tried to void the rule but as the one who had to enforce the contract I had to keep both of us in control which was not easy because she tried everything to get me to do anything and e v everything I wanted.


Always remember it is our responsibility as the CG to maintain control.

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I think it definitely depends on your partner.


Personally I love them, but my partner knows I do.

I am a brat first and foremost, so he knows that when I’m pushing buttons or misbehaving, I’m trying to get something out of him. Unfortunately he knows better than to indulge in my bad behavior by giving me what I want. Which has turned me into very well behaved. To some who may know me, that might be one of the biggest shocks. I once had someone tell me I was “too bratty”. And now here I am, an angel.


If you have a partner you should always discuss limits, rules, punishments, consent, safe words of course. But sometimes it’s also helpful to figure out what these things mean to one another.


For you spanking maybe less of a punishment, more of an erotic time. For some it is strictly punishment. And for others it maybe both. Dynamics are always different. That’s what makes them so fun.

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