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Book recommendation?


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If you’re into fantasy I find “Going Down in Flames” a good dragon shifter book series. As with most shifter books it’s a romance but that doesn’t usually overtake the plot and the first love interest isn’t who she ends up with. It’s an easy read for me.

If that’s not the cup of tea my next suggestion is a classic, Percy Jackson. On the one hand it’s considered for kids, on the other hand this is the community that would love that part and it’s still entertaining for adults. There are many different book 1’s that you can start with because the PJO universe covers at least 5 book series and while there is a small order to them, they can be read in almost any order. But Trials of Apollo must be read after Percy Jackson and after Heroes of Olympus. 

The next easy read is comics! I prefer manga myself but some comic apps have really good ones too. But my suggestion leans more towards the Manga category. There’s a manga for every genre and they actually are shaped like normal books.


Hope those help! Happy Reading!

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