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Little Space Ideas


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Hello! I’m new and looking for some little space ideas; so far I really enjoy coloring.

I’ve tried the online thing, but I prefer talking to real people ☺️

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Totally get the real people thing.

I find Disney very nice for little space. And my American Girl Dolls can be fun. I hope to get more toys too. Hopefully finding good activities can be fun too. 

Good luck! And happy hunting!

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  • arts and crafts
  • gaming (pc, console, mobile)
  • board games
  • play pretend
  • dress up
  • tea parties with stuffies
  • collect and play with toys
  • watch cartoons
  • listen to music that makes you feel little
  • make a blanket fort
  • put your drinks in a bottle or sippy cup
  • acquire and use a pacifier
  • make little space fun snacks/meals
  • use cute plates/bowls and cutlery for meals
  • wear clothes or accessories that make you feel little
  • do your hair in cute ways (pig tails is a common one)
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A checklist like this almost never fails me. I love getting cozy on my bed with a stuffie and watching something nice does the trick. Sometimes I end up falling asleep. 😅


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One of the things that really helped me in finding my favorite little activities was figuring out what I already love in big space and finding a little equivalent. 

I love reading so I started finding awesome kids books. I love baking so I found some kid friendly recipes. I love board games so I found some new cute ones. I love crafting so I bought some children's art kits. 

What you enjoy as a big you will probably still find fun as a little.

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If you like to color maybe you could start with a decorate box to carry your supplies. A crayon box covered in stickers, a carrying case with cute designs. Just have a look around for what you like.

I also second the American girl dolls and their cheaper counter parts (don't gotta pay $100 plus they knock off dolls for around $30) the dolls are good for expressing your little girl self. Especially with all the clothes, accessories, and crafts.

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