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So I have been a daddy for at least 2 of our three year relationship we discovered together what we meant to each other in a deeper meaning and understanding she is my baby and i am her daddy there is nothing more to it now as of how your suppose to act outside the bedroom that is something i am still kinda  getting used too especially when she gets little out in public and has a mini shopping spree down thru the toys aisle when we only left to get groceries I am not gonna lie there are days where I don't know what to do but I basically come up with everything right on the spot So here's some things that will help You definitely want to start making a list of rules look some up and make sure you stick by them I am very lenient I tend to not stick by the rules and my baby is spoilt but that's my fault so trust me stick by the two you're gonna need to know the difference between pleasure and pain because that because that is something very very thin line that you can cross and you don't really wanna hurt your baby do you!?

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