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my names is Rosanna and I’m 18 years old.

im a little girl with no experience but exited to learn! 
I’m currently looking for a daddy who is patient, willing to teach me and caring.

im currently not looking for anything sexual but can be changed once I’m comfortable with you! 
my sexuality is straight 

as a little I’m very timid and shy I don’t like loud noises or busy places, but as soon as I’m comfortable around you I can be a spoiled brat who doesn’t understand the word no. I can be extremely affectionate and needy when it suits me. I’m quit stubborn and can kick up a fight when things don’t go my way!

I suffer from anixtey, depression and a panic disorder so I’d need a daddy who’s understanding and patient.

things I enjoy are reading, colouring and cuddles!

feel free to message me 💛

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