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got my first diaper: I'm confused


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SOOO i've been wanting adult diapers for AGES N I finally bought myself some (samples because im broke)

they're pretty n princess n pink, but i'm worried because I don't know if they'll fit (had to get a large because they didnt have any others

in the design I liked) and I'm a kinda small person: 5,3, 106lbs. but I wanted one so bad I guess I didnt care about the size. 


I guess I'm worried because I might put them on wrong, also being vulnerable around my daddy when I already struggle 

with littlespace is scawy 😞 so I'm sort of looking for advice? ?  anything u guys say will help ❤️ tysm ! 🙂 

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As someone who enjoys diapers and also puts them on adults for a living I can say the diaper being too big is not the end of the world. As long as you tighten it enough, even if it meaning overlapping the two sides when securing it, it’ll work. The important part is ensuring everything is covered and you get the leg holes closed enough and not really gapping too much. This is how you avoid leaks with the wrong side. In the end it’s better to go bigger than smaller for security reasons.


Have fun and let yourself relax! Even if you need to try them by yourself at first so you feel most comfortable the important part is letting yourself relax and enjoy that space where you don’t have to worry about much. A new activity like this takes time to get used to, but if this becomes something you really enjoy then it’s definitely worth it.



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