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CareDaddy(Dom) aftercare advice


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Hoping to find advice from fellow Caregivers or littles on specific aftercare routines, rituals, etc.

My (recently new) little regresses fully (to 5-8 yo). With fully I mean, her adult just stops existing. In her littlespace I am her Caregiver/Daddy. Outside, her Dom-Daddy/Master.

This is my first experience as a Caregiver for a full-regressor. We're not having any issues inside littlespace and no challenges getting in there. But when she comes out, she remembers little to nothing and that causes a lot of confusion. We would like advice, if anyone has had a similar challenge, on how you solved this.

Also, coming out of littlespace, her adult experiences a tremendous drop. Like littlespace is a pleasant freefall, but returning to grownups world is like hitting the pavement.

Any and all advice on how you guys were able to soften that landing? How did you make the transition back into adult less painful, less confusing, less stressful? Tips on things she can do for herself AND on additional care aspects I can focuss on? I really want to help turn her transition from a crash landing experience into a smooth glide back into adulthood.


Thanks for taking the time to read (and hopefully respond)

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