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Making A Little Ddlg Or Age Regression Daycare/Safe space For Safe Interaction


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I'm Looking To Make A Safe Space/Daycare Center For Littles To Interact And Play And Talk I Need Platform Suggestions And There Will Need To Be Volunteer CGs Mommy & Daddies LGBTQ+ Welcome I'm A Switch So I Will Be A CG To Watch Over When I'm Not In Safe Space Comment If You Have Suggestions On Platforms And If You Wanna Volunteer Lmk If You Have A Any More Suggestions Of This Idea This Is A Age Regression Daycare There Will Be No Sexual Stuff Here Are The Rules

1. No Sexual Stuff

2. All Ages Are Okay I Have Trauma I Understand If It's Your Way To Cope

3. Be Nice No Cussing Or Fighting 

4. No Negative Behavior Or Comments You Will Be Kicked Immediately

5. Daddies Are Welcome If You Want But You Must Listen To Your CG 

6. Last Rule Have Fun

Have Fun Be Safe And Remember I'm Always Here To Talk 


Edit: I Have Made A Discord Server For My Daycare/Safe Space Here Is The Link 


See You There



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Me daddy n me wookin fors a job right now cause his wast boss was stupid n he just quit contacting him so now we a wooking for bof of us a job


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