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littlespace n shame ):


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hi people!

not long ago I was bullied for being a little, n now I struggle to get into littlespace ๐Ÿ˜žย 

even tho my daddy helps, n even tho I have stuffs like magazines n toys n loads of fun

stuff, that usually helps. nothing seems to work ๐Ÿ’”ย does anybody have any advice?ย 

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I think you need to take it slow and let yourself ease back into it at whatever your pace is. The more you try to force it then you'll overthink it and stress yourself out and get the opposite effect that you want... which is being unable to get into littlespace. Take the time to reaffirm to yourself that being a little is okay, that your littlespace is valid, and that it doesn't matter if other people didn't like it. Your littlespace isn't hurting anyone.ย  Remind yourself that people often fear what they don't understand, and some people take that fear too far and react like bullies. Remember that there are things that people are into that you may not like and come to terms with the fact that people aren't always going to approve and it's okay to not approve, but also validate your feelings of hurt because the bullying part was not okay and it is okay to feel hurt because of that. Let your Daddy continue to reaffirm your littlespace too, and just let yourself gradually ease into it over time. The less you stress yourself about it the easier it should be eventually.

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