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I want to learn more about myself as a little and what that means for my future - any ideas on where to start or what questions I should be asking? 

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Hello Ticklechambers.

The first thing I would recommend is to make sure you always maintain a safe space to learn. Your safety is paramount as you learn and grow.

Figure out as many boundaries as possible and keep them firm. So if you're trying to learn from others you both know what you're comfortable with and you will know if they try to keep breaking those boundaries they are not safe to learn from.

Talk with different Littles as they will all have different experiences they can share with you and give you a wide collection of knowledge. I personally am not sure of any sites or books you could try to read. But a lot of this path of discovery will be you trying things. Reading something or hearing a story won't be the same as you experiencing it first hand. What sounds exciting or interesting in theory may not be so in real life. 

I hope this gives you a decent start. I know it isn't a whole lot to go on.

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