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The Middle Space


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During my time on this forum, I’ve had the opportunity to meet virtually, so many in what I call ‘Middle Space’.. that place in life and your reality where you find yourself without a Daddy / Mommy- Dom / Sub, or simply alone outside of a relationship.  The In Between can be frightening, scary, enlightening, lonely, priceless… but regardless of where you find yourself on the emotional spectrum of things, the one thing everyone has in common is - It’s Yours!  It’s real, it’s yours, and you perhaps are faced with the fears or thoughts of ‘Will I ever find another… ‘fill in the blanks.

 The ride of peaks, troughs, or level ground are cycles we’re all familiar with to one extent or another.  Adding to the myriad of emotions, as one Little expressed in Middle Space, can come perhaps thoughts of ‘Will I loose my ability to be a Little without my Daddy?’  Or vice versa for Daddy’s without Littles. 

I have met so many beacons of truth and wisdom here, and the one thing I can say in encouragement to all going through Middle Space is, it’s beyond priceless to share your story, hesitations, fears etc., on this forum.. and it’s equally priceless to get those feelings or fears out and be real with them.  It’s as you do and begin to have the flow of insights of others either In Between or still happy and safe in their relationships, that you can find the ability to look Beyond Middle space.. maybe find hope.. or if nothing else, Peace during your time there.  Peace, because as YOU are perhaps able to be that light for someone else, you Rest from your own hamster wheel.  I believe and know it’s possible to be In Between, and really Rest emotionally.

 It may not be easy, but I hope all of you find that place to Rest on your journey in Middle Space .. and I promise you, one day “this” will be nothing but a memory.🙏❤️🤗

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