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Barbie movies anyone?


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Hellooo, hehe!

Dropping here for all the Barbie lovers out there! Anybody remembers the classics?

Barbie movies were certainly magic for me and today are my favorite little psace ones to watch. I have my top 5 here. Not in order of least favortie to favorite, just simply my main favorites, hehe, it's so hard to pick. If i had to choose a main, definitely 12 dacning princesses.

1. Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses

2. Barbie nutcracker

3. Barbie rapunzel

4. Barbie swan lake

5. Barbie magic of pegasus

My heart is in the classics but i do have some new ones that are in my heart, like Diamond Castle and Mariposa. Ooooh they are great!

And hey, what's yours? Let's share our love for Barbie movies and talk about them!

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I love Barbie movies too, they make me feel nostalgic... (it's weird because when I was a kid I wasn't very interested in them).

My favorite is "Barbie and the Diamond Castle"... but I also like "Barbie: Princess Charm School". ☺️

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