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What happened with sammichandlollipops ?


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No idea! I know before they restricted their content to subscription because they were getting uncomfortable with minors having access to their content easily. I don't know if their discomfort with content just continued to grow bigger or if maybe they parted ways. Whatever happened I wish them both well.

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On Instagram and their Patreon they hinted at privacy issues, dealing with mental health, and wanting to take a different direction all together for their online presence.

No 100% clear answer was given but I think it was a combination of all of those things. Poor Lolli was getting some haters for her saying she needed to step away for her mental health :( (But there was even more support for her choice - just sucks she had any hate at all on her private patreon.) She overall felt very bad for having to delete her videos and socials, but her and sammich gave it a lot of thought before they committed to it. 

I am glad she can take a step back to take care of herself, and I really hope things start to look up for her soon, even if she never returns to the ddlg/abdl community. She seems like such a pure soul. 


Also, I don't think Lolli would mind this being shared because she shared it with all her instagram followers on her original account, but her new insta is @fairytalefervour. It's not ddlg related. It looks like she deleted everything there too though which is news to me....

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