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Secondary Caregiver

Winter Lillee

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I’m curious if people on here have secondary caregivers and if so, how does that work? 

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I have not tried that due to a lack of interest, but also I don't think I've ever been with anyone who would have been open to it even if I was. I think the best way to make such an arrangement work is to discuss it with the partner you already have and see if they are okay with it. If they are then you work on what the boundaries are together and then you find someone who is willing to work with you within those boundaries and not violate them. Being open and honest with your primary partner and secondary caregiver are going to be what is necessary for such an arrangement to be successful. If your primary partner says no and this is something you still want very much then you either have to accept your partner's wishes or you may have to move on from the relationship to respect their boundaries while fulfilling your own needs.

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