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American girl dolls in little or middle space


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Who else enjoys american girl dolls they are like stuffies but have vinyl limbs and a vinyl head. As a middle Im more into them then stuffies thou I also enjoy buying a stuffie once in a while. Im also very much into fashion dolls as a middle and a brat. Dolls help me get into little space that and watching cartoons and kids movies. I also enjoy children as books and coloring. American Girl dolls are more for little or middle that are older in their regression. I tend to feel 7 to 16 so dolls are my cup of tea. As a child I used to enjoy age regression to that of a toddler but I no longer enjoy that. I realized I was little around age 9 or so back then I enjoyed sippy cups and preschool shows. Not sure if I can get that little again maybe with diapers but I haven't tried diapers. I seem to really enjoy things made for older children and there seems to be less judgement there then enjoying things for really young children. Anyone have any advice for regressing younger then 7 to enjoy things from the earlier years. 

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I was pretty obsessed with them growing up but now..

I think they’re cool.. But I’m more of a stuffies kind of girl. 

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I have a few dolls like what you are describing, not from the book series (which I loved growing up!). These are more old fashioned with a stand for them. I absolutely love the dresses they wear and the cute faces! 😊 These I don't play with, I'm afraid of damaging them. I just like looking at them because they are so pretty, dainty, and girly 😁 Most often I prefer stuffies to cuddle with and carry around. I'm not sure what my "little age" is, I'm still figuring that out. To feel little like a toddler some ideas I have would be to try out a pacifier, a baby bottle, smelling baby lotion, use utensils for toddlers, bath toys... It's totally ok that you enjoy activities and items made specifically for an older age range. Even to fluctuate between ages is just fine. Littlespace or Middlespace is what you make of it because it is your own experience 🙂 Don't worry about what others think. Be you 💗

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I love wellie wishers and 18 inch dolls (i can't afford American girl i8 inch ones) keeping a diary, decorating a room and acting out scenarios in school with the dolls.

And don't get me started on the fashion it's like being able to travel back to any decade you please if only briefly.


I know a lot of littles (middles) prefer to be really small. But it's not for everyone and sometimes we outgrow that stage of childhood for something a little older.


It's never a good idea to force anything but if you truly are curious then maybe get yourself a cheap box of baby and toddler stuff.

Try it from time to time see if it feels right to you, if it does it expand if not throw it out. It's not a big deal cause you didn't spend a lot of money.

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