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Sleep tight - Sweet pie
Though you never be my...

Promise me you'll keep guys
hurdling steep climbs 
Fighting beehives - you be high...

I will be thy, 
slightly shy, 
But valiant and safe prince
whipping your wet and weeping eyes
with these tight and speedy rhymes,
Layered up, stringed so long and seemlessly...

The echos will continue, to roll beyond infinity 

no need to make me...

I'll stay and I'll fight
every day - every night
I'll pray and deny
Myself every desire 
but handsomely apply 
All my energy to find
you the where, when and why
and hopefully I'll clarify 
Or maybe just provide 
you with at least half a sense
For every bit of passed tense...

Adding to this madness

I'll strive to - deprive you 
Of every sorrow
But that is ofcourse...

Only if you like me to 

I'll revive you
Put my in best effort
my very best trial to
Abide you - a life you
Deserve and forever 
will feel nursed and infeathered 
To keep you unhurt and together
and make you safer...

Place you can glide to.

I'll promise I'll try to
Always be right beside you
Always be doing right by you
Embrace and provide you
The safety, you need...

And are totally entitled to

Don't be hasty from greed
nor lazy, stay lean
I have faith and beleive
We can safely relief
all the pain and greif...

from horrid actions of bad men

Pure fact, they be fools
And birds singing will unmask them, 
With wrathful words
I feel the urge to attack them
Chase them to Hades end
Just to chase them back again
And when the rain cascades end
I'll expose that they are 
In fact only cavemen 

In time 
you'll be fine,
Wounds heal 
And you'll start to feel so devine,
you don't need me to be mending your mind...

The bottom line, will always erase them.

The end is closing in, 
With my dying breath 
I speak my final lines
finalized - and so finely intertwined
Now it's to late to rewind
Rear wind, putting pressure on my spine
Propelling me across the pavement
Loudly screaming out..

I promise, with this long kiss
this will be my final statement:

We are men
All infact infants, spineles and impatient
Consistent at being distent, high stress and tasteless 

most are downright emotionally faceless

No men...
is mastering connection 
Nor none, skilled to communantive perfection

All men...
Perverted, all guilty and dirty 
Deserters, all filthy and unworthy 
of any and all - sweet little littles affection.

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