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babysitter to play overwatch and possibly other games as well

Flame wolf

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Hi Hi. so im lonely, like really really lonely. I don't have a cg, and my only friends are all online. I just really want someone to treat me like a little, and who can hang out with me and play stuff mainly overwatch right now cuz im hooked on it, but im open to other stuff. my little age is 1 but tends to go up a bit when playing games if i happen to be in little space while gaming. i play on pc, but i also have a switch as my side console. i hope to hear from some of you. i mainly play quickplay in overwatch but im not against comp

side note i am trans, and fairly self conscious about my voice, which causes me to be fairly shy when i first talk to people via vc

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I moved this to freind personals cuz someone said these types of posts shouldn't be here. Im very very sorry. I'm also sorry cuz I don't know how to delete this one

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