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What do you miss most about not having a daddy?


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This is for all the littles without a daddy... what do you miss most about not having a daddy, and what kind of things do you need and crave for that make you want a daddy? Let's see some top 3s!

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Actually, I've been thinking about this lately. I don't have a daddy and for some reason it seems the holidays seem to make not having one a bit worse. Let's see what I can come up with...

1. The structure. Knowing that you are going to talk to daddy at certain times and certain things are expected of you throughout the day.

2. The care and nurturing. Some is going to care to check on you. Did you sleep well? Eat? How are you feeling? Did you have a good day? Did you do anything fun?

3. I think just the way a daddy talks to you. Words and tone are important to me and I respond to it. Daddy voice and Dom voice and both real things.

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Ooo I was just talking about this yesterday! This is what I said-

I miss feeling the stability/security I used to when I had a daddy. Being polyamorous, I have my husband still. It’s just different now that I don’t have a daddy. Having one and my husband to support me gave me a sort of platform to stand on where I could see all the problems and difficulties in my life without feeling overwhelmed. Not having a daddy, I had the platform kind of pulled out from under me. The support I had is gone, and I’m wading in the problems without being able to manage them as easily. It’s a bit overwhelming now. :( 

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