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Anyone else interested in Roleplaying Games?

Any they'd enjoy or reccommend? Any they'd like to play? Any fun stories they know?

Anyone wanna maybe set up a game?

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My Daddy and I are obsessed with table top rpg's.

We're playing WOD, M&M, and Pathfinder at the moment. We have played D&D before but it's not my favorite.  

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I will pretty much play any RPG :D 


I've played D&D 2,3,3.5,4 and Pathfinder... GURPS, more homebrews than I can count, WOD, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, BESM and other D6 systems, some card based ones, LARPing, and a lot of others. 



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My cousin and I do a sort of freelance table top rpg. Our GM comes up with a world, categories of characters, and a story line. We roll character sheets, and the GM just leads us through this world on an adventure as our characters. We have our own battle system and everything. I love it!

A couple of my friends and I also played a Fallout table top rpg like that. You can find the character sheets and stats and everything online. Its so fun!

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If this gets larger with more people who want to play, there's websites out there that allow for people to start their own RPG campaigns (such as Roll20.net) and I'm sure we could probably get a few people out to play!

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I'm a GM for many games! I homebrew and design most of my content. Here's a handful.


Some character props:





Cultural dishes:






Herbs (WIP) :


















Star charts:






...And many more odds and ends. Not to mention my thousands of maps, NPCs, and locations!

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