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Rules: Share yours, opinions on them, ideas, etc! ♡


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There's already a topic or two about punishments on the forum, but I'm curious about rules! 


My Daddy has my rules list, but I have a few that I can remember, such as:


♡ Bedtime is at 1 am on school nights and 1:30 am on weekends.

♡ Take all pills at 5 pm. (Daddy reminds me every day)

♡ Daddy is called 'Daddy' only, unless we're with family/friends.

♡ You must let Daddy hold your drinks and feed you.

♡ No self-harm.

♡ No saying bad things about myself.

So, what rules do you guys have? If you don't have any, feel free to share the ones you'd like to have!(≧ω≦)
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-Bedtime is 10:30. No tv, no internet, no phone, except for messaging Daddy if needed. Lights may be kept on so long as they do not hinder sleep.

-No getting out of bed before 6am for anything less than an emergency (fire, intruder). No feet on the floor, it’s hot lava. (Let Daddy know if there is any bedwetting)

-1000+ word writing assignment every day. If there is no topic assigned, choose one.

-Say prayers of thanks every evening before bed, kneeling with elbows on the bed. Speak aloud and end with “Amen.”

-Eat a healthy amount of calories each day.

-Drink 8, 8oz glasses of water each day, measured. If it’s not been measured at any point, it must be restarted.

-No orgasms without permission. Permission is only granted upon showing utmost desperation.

-5 edging sessions per day or once per waking hour when assigned.

-No bad items anywhere in the bedroom. Or hidden anywhere. No hiding them anywhere in the world.

-No damaging Daddy’s property without permission or instruction.

-Naps are limited to one nap daily of no more than 1 hour.

-Every two hours of any internet activity must be alternated with one hour of no internet.

-No scaries without permission from Daddy.

-No talking with anybody on the banned list.

-No texting or other phone activity while driving. Talking on the phone while the car is in motion is limited to emergencies.

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I have a few rules:


1. Be nice to Daddy and listen to what he says (Daddy knows best)


2. No posting on forum without Daddy's permission/ ask if I think he might not want me to (for safety)


3. Take medication at 10am everyday


4. Ask Daddy's permission before doing naughties (sexy play time)


5. No clothes on Daddy's bed (when conditions permit)


More will be made in the future but we are relatively new to the ddlg scene so this is good structure for now

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I have a good amount of rules but a few of them are just things I do normally


1) Always ask for permission to touch myself

2) Write daddy and email every night.

3) Say good morning when I get up.

4) Show daddy what I'm wearing for the day.

5) Ask questions if I don't understand something?

6) When daddy makes a decision, trust it.

7) Be understanding and honest.

8) Be nice and polite

9) Good girls get rewarded

10) Bad girls get punished.

11) No illegal substances or alcohol.

12) I am not to say anything negative about my body or my personality unless daddy does first.

13) No self harm

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Here's a section from our protocol document. It's due for a re-writing, but hopefully someone will find it useful:




  • Check your phone and email for new instructions every morning.

  • Say your mantras every morning and evening, without fail. Text me when you do.

  • Never orgasm without my permission. You are allowed two extra, per week, when I’m not accessible. Be polite; say please & thank you.

  • Willingly, respectfully, and proudly wear your collar every day, remembering that it is the physical representation of your love and devotion to me. When it’s not being worn, it should be kept in a safe place.

  • Physical modification. I will choose your panties every morning, so my control is in constant physical contact with the most intimate part of your body. To make this easier to manage, follow the color chart I’ve created for you as closely as possible.

  • Floss daily.

  • Never call another person any of my titles.

  • Drink responsibly, but text me when you do.

  • Write me a simple haiku, every night. Text it to me so I can read it in the morning.




  • Writing assignments: After the initial prompt is given, I expect a precise, neat, and well written response submitted to my email within one week’s time, and a hand-written final draft in your journal. Deadlines can be extended under varying circumstances.

  • Reading Assignments: Every month, schedule permitting, we'll tackle a different book together. I'll send you the assignments to your email, giving you the .PDF of each book the first of the month. You wont have a specific time limit, but I will encourage you to read at least 12 pages, or a chapter, every day.


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These are the rules Daddy and I do have.. 

  • No biting or pulling Daddies hair. (Or really doing anything mean towards him.)
  • No touching self unless you've asked Daddy. 

This is a list of rules I think would be interesting to have. I already do some of them. We just haven't really sat down and written them up because Daddy and I keep forgetting. So We should really do that. I wanna write them down and put them in my journal. :x 


Anyways Ideal rules:

  • No biting or pulling Daddy's hair.
  • No touching myself with out permission from Daddy.
  • No playing with other women unless Daddy is allowed too 
  • No swearing. - If you swear mouth will be washed out with soap
  • Tell Daddy when you are in little space
  • Don't spend too much money on stuff, ask Daddy if you think you are spending too much.
  • Daddy's job is to look after me. I am Daddy's world. Don't worry about worrying him. 
  • Always be honest about my feelings with Daddy
  • Take care of yourself, your body, mind and everything else. 
  • Tell Daddy if you feel uncomfortable doing something. 
  • No Brattiness. If you want spankings, just ask. (I already do this, but sometimes it's good to remember. I like a happy red butt)
  • inspections might be required. 
  • Tell Daddy if I feel self harm-y. 
  • Respect Daddy when he is talking and listen to him.

Rules for Daddy:

  • If playing with a woman and I(kitten) isn't present, make a video or talk photos so I can enjoy it later.
  • After care always is a must. It helps kitten and daddy.
  • Respect and hear kitten out. 
  • I will not touch kitten unless it's been expressed she wants to be sexually touched. <3

=3 That's my idea's anyways. I have to ask Daddy. So they aren't final. Hehehe. <3 

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i have alot tbh 


1.) no cursing! 

1a.) cursing includes ALL words that cannot be said in church. remember that. 

2.) no texting daddy 5 times b4 a reply or he will not reply for another hour. daddy is busy, and therefore needs to be left alone at school/work. 

2a.) daddy is NEVER EVER IGNORING ME. 

3.) eat v healthy so i dont die and stuffs. 

3a.) only a little unhealthy bc GOOD THINGS ARE ONLY GOOD IN SMALL DOSES. remember when you ate too much cake and threw up???

4.) dont put self in unsafe situations. 

5.) be careful situationally so as not to make things wierd for daddy in public or around other ppl

6.) remember being annoying isnt qt. its just rly annoying! dont be annoying! (when ur annoying ur not qt v much) 

7.) daddy probs knows best so do as he says unless what he says is dangerous then dont lol

8.) dont get jealous or grouchy when daddy is busy lol

9.) dont be mean to anyone

10.) dont say self depreciative stuff. 

11.) or mean stuff about daddy unless joking if you dont say jk its not joking :/ 

12.) dont randomly rant bc ppl dont understand what youre trying to say or even who or what youre talking about, or whats going on. and daddy isnt psychic so he cant either, so 

13.) never do self destructive stuff. 

14.) getting good grades is super important bc im smart and daddy knows it but everyone else needs to know it too read that ij in class! dont be afraid of getting called a hipster!

15.) no attitude ever ever

16.) return all ilys no matter what 

17.) dont just talk about self. daddy wants to talk about his day too, tell him you love him and stuff. he needs affection. 

18.) no caloric intake below 1000 and 1500 will make daddy v happy

19.) no self harm 

20.) no alcohol 

21.) no pills 

22.) no heroin, cocaine, or any hard drugs, daddy will literally leave and never come back. 

23.) throwing up is bad. dont do it, bc it makes your teeth alot worse. 

24.) use your manners 

25.) bedtime at ten, no matter what, unless talking to daddy for the first time in the day. 

26.) always up by 12pm

27.) at least 7 hours of sleep a night

28.) tell therapist how you feel, dont just tell daddy

29.) when watching tv use paci 

30.) when you break a rule tell daddy

31.) tell daddy when he hurts your feelings



oh god 

that was so much workkkk

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Well, at the moment I don't have a sub or a little or anything, so I don't have any rules to enforce. There is one that I always use though, that I haven't seen mentioned so far.


100% obedience is the ideal, of course, but not one that I expect to be realized. So I like to have a word, something like a safeword, that indicates that there's an emergency. When I use that word, I expect complete obedience, no stubbornness or brattyness.


It's the sort of rule I often have and don't need, but that's better than needing it and not having it -- and those situations have come up too.

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Guest cookie_crumble_princess

I would like to hear other peoples rules and if any littles have decorated rules. I would like to see them.


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My Daddy gave me a whoooooole bunch of rules but I don't think he would like me sharing them especially because a lot of them are personal. I have general rules for when I'm not necessarily in subspace or with him, I also have "little rules" and "slave rules" as well. They all differ. But I have them all pretty much memorized and engrained, although I don't always follow them to a tee  :p


Daddy is strict but he's being very lenient with me for now because we don't live together, but when we do... Lol yikes!!! I am definitely a brat and sometimes rules just seem overbearing/annoying but I know my Daddy is just enforcing them for my best interest and overall wellness (and for his enjoyment as well).

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We have rules for both baby girl and daddy 




BabyGirl will respect Daddy at all times

Always tell daddy the truth 

3.Bed time is when Daddy makes it

4. Never lie to Daddy

5. BabyGirl will not swear or say bad things

6. Respect to daddy or other adults is a MUST

7. BabyGirl will ask before posting special picture

8.BabyGirl needs to text daddy when arriving places safel

9. BabyGirl is to do all things on her sticker chart





1. Daddy must text Babygirl goodmorning and night texts.

2. Daddy must be reasonable with punishing

3. Daddy must text babygirl when he gets to work or home.

4. Daddy must pick out babygirls outfits when she is in her headspace 

5. Daddy must provide aftercare after every punishment 

Daddy will bathe, order food and fully take care of babygirl. 

 Daddy must remind baby girl of pills and health care(brushing teeth, baths, etc)

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my daddy's rules are as follows (he's a pansexual male and I'm a demigirl)

1) Daddy is always right, no pouting or crying

2) always wear your collar

3) you are my slave and my kitten and my princess. nothing else.

4) bedtime is 9:00 on weekdays and 10:30 on weekends

5) no touching daddy unless I say

6) you must eat. three meals. always.

7) medicine will be given to you at 8:30 am with breakfast

8) power struggles will not be tolerated and will be punished

9) if something is wrong, tell me immediately

10) hiding my whip will make sure you get double the punishment

11) safe words are: yellow means slow down and red means stop. they must be repeated before any punishment or play time.

12) when daddy tucks you in, that means you stay in bed until good morning

13) daddy chooses your clothes

14) dresses will be worn when daddy thinks it is necessary

15) when I tell you to do something, pouting and crying will only get you punished

16) sweets and cookies will be given when baby girl has followed the rules

17) daddy will help with showering if princess insists

18) only daddy gets to touch you

19) you are my slave and I will treat you very well if you do as I say

20) aftercare is always given

21) baby girl is not to curse ever

22) princess is a princess and must think of herself as no lower than that

23) baby girl is not to cook ever

24) always talk to daddy beside play time and punishment

25) daddy is always here and will always care for you


I asked my daddy for many many rules and he is very strict to me but that's how I love him. you might not like or agree to all the rules but i think a strict daddy makes a better princess (last note, my daddy was born a female but identifies as male typically and I was born as a male and I mostly identify as a female)

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I also forgot

27) no touching yourself unless approved by daddy

28) when daddy will be away for a while, text daddy when you want to orgasm

29) no clothes on daddy's bed

30) if you are caught not using your manners around people, you will be punished double

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Lots of great ideas here but my favourite is this one from Bull :"Physical modification. I will choose your panties every morning, so my control is in constant physical contact with the most intimate part of your body. To make this easier to manage, follow the color chart I’ve created for you as closely as possible."


A color chart, by Gods Sake!!  Just brilliant. Kudos, Bull ^^

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I actually have a question. A lot of littles have rules about no safe harm? Has anyone actually been punished for harming themselves? O.o I dunno. I just saw this topic and thought it's a valid doubt.
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I actually have a question. A lot of littles have rules about no safe harm? Has anyone actually been punished for harming themselves? O.o I dunno. I just saw this topic and thought it's a valid doubt.

I have been punished before for this. It is something I will never do again.

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GlitterUnicorn: One of my "rules" is not to harm myself. However, Daddy would never, EVER punish me over it as self harm is an illness and an addiction I've been struggling to overcome for years. I'm punishing myself, punishing me for mental pain and suffering would only make it worse. That said, He does sit me down after I've done it and He talks to me. He tells me that it makes Him sad and it hurts Him, that I am damaging his property, and that it makes Him worry very much. I would rather fight this than disappoint Him, so that alone has kept me clean for about a year and three months to date.


I honestly think it's horrible to punish someone for hurting themselves. It's not something you can stop doing easily (usually) and it is a constant battle. Positive reinforcement should be used instead of punishment: for each week/month clean, you get a treat or reward, or however else you two would like to do this. But punishment leaves me guilty, hurt, and feeling like He doesn't understand that I'm trying hard to love myself. Which just makes me want to do it more often. I find that rewards are much MUCH better incentive

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Guest Daddy's☆treasure


- kitten is to be respectful and polite at all times. she will not argue with, talk back to, ignore or dismiss Daddy in any way.

- If given a task or request, kitten is to do so obediently and respond with “Yes Daddy.” If the task/request can not be undertaken or completed she is to notify Daddy with acceptable reasons why.

- kitten is not allowed the use of swear words though she may be excused during play scenes.

- kitten must always be honest and upfront with Daddy and never to hide anything. she must always tell the truth.


**In public kitten must be on her best behavior. she is to remember that her behavior is a reflection on Daddy and therefore, must always exercise her obedience and her commitment to the rules above.

Physical Health/Diet:

- kitten is to make sure she eats three meals daily. These are to include healthy components such as foods high in vitamins and vegetables. Protein to be included when and where necessary.

**Fruit is to be eaten every day if not, as often as possible. Preferably sweeter flavored fruits.

- Permission is needed if kitten wishes to eat anything sweet. Treats may be given in certain circumstances by Daddy.

- kitten is to ensure she takes care of herself in all ways. Any ill feelings or medical issues should be reported to Daddy.

- kitten is to do daily exercise and complete the routine set out by Daddy. These currently include:


Emotional/ Mental Health:

- Any worries or negative feelings should be discussed with Daddy so they may be handled with care.

- Questions for Daddy are always welcome and any concerns must be brought to Daddy’s attention to be discussed.

- Daddy’s door is always open. kitten must never be afraid to talk to Daddy openly about anything that’s on her mind.

- kitten is to try for a minimum of 10 minutes meditation a day.


- All daily tasks should be completed and reported back to Daddy for review.

- Any tasks not completed, Daddy must be informed and given an explanation as to why.

- Tasks must be undertaken in a positive manner and with enthusiasm.

- No pouting over given tasks.

Play Scenes:

- When the play collar is on, kitten must act accordingly and must obey Daddy’s requests during a play scene provided that they are within the limits set and are safe and consensual. she is to respond to any order or request with “yes Daddy and/or yes Sir”.

- kitten must not disrespect Daddy or deliberately defy during a scene.

- kitten must always ask permission to cum. Punishment will be given for cumming without permission.

- kitten must inform Daddy immediately of any issues, concerns or emergencies using the traffic light safe word system.

Yellow light = pause play.
Red light = All play stops immediately.
Green light = resume play.

**In future, if kitten is unable to be verbal during play, she is to use the body language replacement that will be given to her for use prior to the scene.

- If kitten requires anything specific or different to that of the usual aftercare, she is to let Daddy know exactly what she needs.


- If approached by the opposite sex whether in public or online in a manner that crosses the line of polite acquaintance, she is to declare that she is owned by Daddy. kitten must let them know that they are required to have Daddy's permission to speak with her or to continue to be in her presence.

- kitten is NOT to touch her body in a way that will result in cumming or other sexual pleasures without Daddy’s expressed permission. Should kitten need to touch, she must ask Daddy first and if she touches without permission, will be punished.

- kitten must remember that her body belongs to Daddy.

- kitten must inform Daddy of her whereabouts and give prior notice of outings planned.


- Punishments will be given for rules broken. Daddy will choose a punishment that fits and will administer it in his way of choosing.

- Punishments may be in physical form or in written form. The choice of which will depend upon the situation at hand and will be decided solely by Daddy. kitten does not get to choose which type of punishment Daddy gives out to her.

- If given a punishment, kitten must not pout or try anything to avoid the discipline. kitten must remember that there are consequences for her actions and when so, lessons to be learned.

Daily Tasks:

**All daily tasks are to be completed and reported back to Daddy every evening in this manner:

- What i ate today: *This must include three separate and adequate meals and include liquids. Fruit should be included in this list as often as possible.

- What i did today: *this must include the completion of exercise routine, specific training (other) and meditation.


Note: Any daily tasks abused or not completed may result in a punishment and no points will be given.

Reward System:

**Points will be awarded for each daily task completed.

Exercise routine = 2 points
Meditation = 1 point
Healthy eating = 1 point
Training (other) = 1 point

Once reached 10 points kitten is eligible for a reward.

Fun Rewards:

1. Movie night - may watch a movie of kittens choosing with Daddy.
2. Game night - may play a game of kittens choosing with Daddy.
3. New stickers - one sheet per reward.
4. One dessert or four pieces of candy.
5. Colouring time - one hour.
6. Hot Chocolate time with Daddy.
7. Watch/listen/share music and or music videos together with Daddy.
8. Massage - 10 minutes.
9. Cocktail hour - kitten is allowed two late night alcoholic drinks of her choice.
10. Bedtime story of kittens choosing read by Daddy.
11. IMVU time together - one hour.
12. Spiritual/Magic Practice with Daddy - one hour.

Sexual Rewards: (omitted as they are private)

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My responsibilities all decorated nicely for sir :)

I also have rules with I haven't finished writing up yet (we adjusted then yesterday) which are:


So rule 1: my body and mind belong to sir.

2: tell sir if anything is upsetting or worrying me.

3: if anything happens with someone else then tell sir, ideally before.

4: no bdsm playing with anyone without sir being involved.

5: no playing with sirs toys without asking permission.

6: no cumming without permission.

7: always take care when using sirs triggers.

8: understand that sir may not always be available for phone or Skype.

9. Obey all of the triggers Sir has given me like a good girl.

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Guest lil-kitten22

I actually have a question. A lot of littles have rules about no safe harm? Has anyone actually been punished for harming themselves? O.o I dunno. I just saw this topic and thought it's a valid doubt.


I have been punished for hurting myself, more then I care to admit. It is not a normal punishment tho, I do get spanked but it is in a more loving way (at least that's how it feels to me). I would self harm to release emotions since I have trouble doing that in a healthy way. When I have a caregiver I have a rule that if I feel that way I can ask for the spanking. If I ever do self harm I have to show it to my caregiver and let them help me take care of it until it heals. 

All of this is decided by me, myself, and I. These are things I ask to be set as rules. I have found that this method works for me, but I do understand this is not for everyone.

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  • 2 weeks later...
I want rules but I'm bratty so I already know I won't follow them! When we move in together I want a points system where I get rewarded if good or spanked if bad. The rules would mainly be about my personal responsibilities like eating, exercise, medication, ect
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My Daddy hasn't given me a lot of rules, even though at times I wish he would. He's amazing at encouraging and nurturing me, but he isn't great at follow through for assignments, protocol or rule-breaking. We've been together over 10 years, so sometimes I wonder if it's been too long to change anyway. He also has a total thing for brats, so if I act out some privately, he likes it. Because of that, he tends to instigate.


The few rules I have, though they have never been explicitly written down somewhere:

1) Act respectully in public to Him and those around me. My behavior reflects on Him and it is not okay to embarrass or shame Him.


2) Any Bigs/Caregivers I might meet need to be willing to at least speak to Him. They don't need to be friends, He doesn't vet or give me permission, but He wants them to be at least willing to give Him that respect.


3) No lying - and that's for both of us


4) The DD/lg dynamic is just between us. He has no other littles/middles, I have no other Bigs/Daddies. This needs to be explicitly stated since we are in a polyamorous relationship.

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Mommies rules for baby bear

1. Baby bear will always be honest with mommy.

2. Baby bear will eat 2 meals a day and say what they are and if not tell me why.

3. If there something wrong tell mommy so she can help.

4. Listen to mommy when she says no and ask her why.

5. Bedtime is at 12 am weeknights and no bedtime on weekends

6. Mommy promises to give baby bear as much attention as she can.

7. Be honest with mommy and follow rules.

8. Baby bear must bathe himself and brush his hair and teeth

9. Baby bear must exercise 20 min a day and tell mommy when he is done.

10. Baby bear allowed 1 sweet a day and more can be rewarded.

11. Baby bear will not touch himself without mommy's permission




My rules for mommy

1. I bow before no one, meaning: I don’t do anything I don't want to no exceptions

2. Listen to me if I have an issue

3. Respect me in an out of my little space.

4. Always be honest with me



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